Painted fruits

Painted apples and pears on a kiosk in Carol Park (Parcul Carol).

We speak better English

One of the messages from Gandul campaign actually ended as an outdoor advertisement – “We speak better English the anywhere you’ve been in France. Why don’t you come over?” The official website is here.

The singing cat

I found it on the entry door of a music store close to Sala Palatului area.

Collection of new fairy tales

A beautiful visual on a poster advertising new books from Polirom publishing house.

Paintings for Sale (Shopping Day # 18)

A little bit of art from a new art gallery in Bucharest. It’s time to go shopping 😉

In the City

Elegant ladies painted on a wall from Bucharest Old Center (Centrul Vechi Bucuresti).

Tete a Tete Biblioteca (Going out in Bucharest #17)

Tete a Tete Library (Tete a Tete Library) from Herastrau Park (Parcul Herastrau) – A good place for a lazy afternoon, with trees and fresh air all over the place. I like their painted wall close to the entry and the old bike, almost lost there but so well fitting the frame. 

the 300th Post (Shopping Day # 13)

This is the 300th post on this blog, showing colored pictures from Bucharest. I hope you enjoyed so far cause there are many more to come. The photo represents the daily schedule from Art & Hobby Center in Bucharest, a shop full of colors.  

Shall We Go? (Going out in Bucharest #16)

I took this picture at the Comedy Theater (Teatrul de Comedie) from Bucharest, with the couple somehow wondering if to go or not to go to the play.

Theme Day: Bakeries

The theme day for today on City Daily Photo portal is Bakeries. As Bucharest is not famous for bread specialties and the old shops sell mostly simple white bread, I prefer to show you something different with an advertisement of Vel Pitar, one of the biggest companies activating in milling and bakery on the Romanian […]