Comana Monastery (@ Comana #1)

A collection of colored details from Comana Monastery (Manastirea Comana), at about 40 kilometers south from Bucharest. It’s a special place to start a weekend and is close to Comana National Park (Parcul National Comana), a huge forest natural reservation.

Tourists in Bucharest

Soooo, what do you need when visiting Bucharest? A good camera and a well written city guide. The two tourist were in front of Kretulescu Church (Biserica Kretulescu) on Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victoriei), wondering where to go next.

Stavropoleos Monastery

The entry to one of the oldest churches in Bucharest, at Stavropoleos Monastery (Manastirea Stavropoleos). Definitely a ‘must see’ for anybody visiting Bucharest. More information on the history of the place as well as inside pictures can be found here.

Easter Time

A morning view of Elefterie Church (Biserica Elefterie) in Bucharest, one of the most beautiful churches from the city.

Sunset Light

Beautiful yellow sunset light covering the church of Casin Monastery (Manastirea Casin). Unfortunately, the tram cables can not be taken out of the picture.

So, Let There Be Snow

Some buildings look good even when they are covered with snow, the white reveals so beautifully the red brick strips of the Saint Elefterie cel Nou Church (Biserica Sfatul Elefterie cel Nou) from Eroilor area.

Kretulescu Church

The red Kretulescu Church from Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victoriei). More info here.

White Church

 Beautiful white church on Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victoriei), known as Biserica Sfantul Nicolae Tabacu. It’s the first church from Colors in Bucharest blog.