Green Umbrellas

Green umbrellas at a summer terrace close to the National Theater in Bucharest, a good option to avoid the summer sun.

Comana Natural Park (@ Comana #3)

The beautiful Comana Natural Park (Parcul Natural Comana), one of the greenest places close to Bucharest, at about 40 kilometers south, in Giurgiu County.

Children Playground (#2)

It’s great to play no matter your age, no matter the place. This is just an orange gray wood boat invaded by plastic frogs….somebody could write a story…somebody could simply play…

Summer Mood (Monday Flowers #32)

A typical summer view with yellow flowers, this time a quite rare yellow peony from Bucharest Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica Bucuresti).

Snagov Lake (Lacul Snagov)

Less than 40 kilometers away from Bucharest you can find Snagov Lake (Lacul Snagov), a perfect green place for an weekend afternoon. The forests are close as well as restaurants. Enjoy!

Playing Golf in Bucharest

Clubul Diplomatic is probably the only place to play golf in Bucharest. The grass in good, the light is great, you just have to book a day and to enjoy the Herastrau Lake (Lacul Herastrau) in front of you.

Fanfare Singing in Cismigiu Garden

It’s great to go in places you know at other hours than you do it usually, cause you might be pleasantly surprised. I’ve found a good fanfare singing in Cismigiu Garden (Gradina Cismigiu) last Saturday morning. Energizing and fun with interesting music.