Pink (Monday Flowers # 37)

The beginning of a new beautiful summer week with pink flowers in Cismigiu Garden (Gradina Cismigiu).

Flower Power @ Street Delivery 2012 (Monday Flowers #36)

One of my favorite pictures from this year edition of Street Delivery in Bucharest.

Black and Pink (Shopping Day # 16)

If you liked the dress from yesterday post, here’s another one. This time the material looks more appropriate for a dress. The combination of colors is also interesting, all black with a little bit of pink instead of more traditional black and white or black and red dresses.

Pink flowers (Monday Flowers # 30)

A small collection of pink flowers from all over Bucharest during spring. Enjoy!

Pink and Blue Joy (Monday Flowers # 26)

Spring flowers in Herastrau Park (Parcul Herastrau) from Bucharest, bringing joy to passers by.

Lost Beauty (Monday Flowers # 21)

It’s a little difficult to find flowers during winter months, but this pink or red rose was a little hero, delicate and still beautiful, freezing outside

Pink Roses (Monday Flowers # 17)

 At the first signs of cold weather, the colors are dying, even on this beautiful pink roses.

Pink Flowers (Monday Flower # 14)

This tree reminds me of springtime although the picture was taken in September. I found it in close to the entry of the Bucharest Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica).

Zambaccian Museum

It is another small museum from Bucharest, revealing small & delicated pieces of art, mostly paintings.  A little bit hidden from the touristic routes, it might be an interesting place for the weekend. More info here

Banana & Strawberry Mix (Going out in Bucharest #1)

One of the best combinations for summer fresh drinks at Ceainaria 5, a perfect place  in Bucharest for trying fruity smoothies on a weekend lazy afternoon.