PIF expo in Bucharest (II)

Being a child again, reading magazines and remembering the old times 😉

PIF expo in Bucharest (I)

Great idea and  implementation, with a dedicated expo celebrating PIF cartoons character and its special relationship with Romanians during the communist regime.

It’s Reading Time (Monday Flowers #35)

It looks like the perfect place for a lazy afternoon, with summer weather and yellow flowers everywhere around. I found this couple in the Botanical Garden enjoying some good readings.

Yellow Iris (Monday Flowers # 33)

Some yellow different  types of iris from all over Bucharest.

Summer Mood (Monday Flowers #32)

A typical summer view with yellow flowers, this time a quite rare yellow peony from Bucharest Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica Bucuresti).

Yellow Tulips (Monday Flowers # 31)

A small collection of yellow tulips from Bucharest, pictured during this spring.

Being Green in Bucharest

Raiffeisen Bank is just one of the companies that offer bicycles to their employees.

Yellow Flowers

Spring flowers, colored like the sun. I found them in Herastrau Park (Parcul Herastrau) from Bucharest.

Santa Claus Embassy (@ Mogosoaia # 17)

This is a funny one, as apparently now Santa Claus has an embassy in Romania, located in Mogosoia, less than 10 kilometers to Bucharest.

Winnie the Pooh at Mogosoaia (@ Mogosoaia # 15)

Probably Winnie the Pooh visited Mogosoaia during last Xmas and he enjoyed so much, deciding to wait for the next December.