Romanian Tourism Fair (IV)

Some funny guys at the Romanian Tourism Fair in Bucharest, 2013 edition.

Romanian Tourism Fair (II)

Waiting for a real holiday last weekend at the Romanian Tourism Fair. Definitively the kitsch of the kitsch in this plastic corner.


A traditional pie by meter and some dried fruits from last weekend fair at Romexpo.

Last photos from Street Delivery 2012

Everybody’s enjoying the city, isn’t it?

PIF expo in Bucharest (II)

Being a child again, reading magazines and remembering the old times ­čśë

PIF expo in Bucharest (I)

Great idea and  implementation, with a dedicated expo celebrating PIF cartoons character and its special relationship with Romanians during the communist regime.

A Little Bit of Self Promo (@ Street Delivery 2012)

Some of the pictures I’ve took at Street Delivery were used for an ad hoc exposition so you have the chance to see the printed versions as well as the originals.