Fun in the city

Last photos from Street Delivery 2012

Everybody’s enjoying the city, isn’t it?

PIF expo in Bucharest (II)

Being a child again, reading magazines and remembering the old times 😉

PIF expo in Bucharest (I)

Great idea and  implementation, with a dedicated expo celebrating PIF cartoons character and its special relationship with Romanians during the communist regime.

Workshop Time (@ Street Delivery 2012)

Workshop time with Incubator 107, a funny and fresh way to learn new things.

Work in Progress (@Street Delivery 2012)

A few pictures from the first day of Street Delivery, preparing decorations or just finishing them. Plus some distinct colors: a project for recycling beer cans, avem si noi supererori (we have superheroes), hand made atelier, lecturi urbane (urban readings) and so on.

The Little Ones (@ Street Delivery 2012)

Definitely life is joyful when you’re a kid. And colorful also, therefore perfect for this blog. 😉

Everything with Blue (@ Street Delivery 2012)

It seems like blue is the new color in trend for this season. Enjoy it! And find some inspiration from Street Delivery pictures.

Flower Power @ Street Delivery 2012 (Monday Flowers #36)

One of my favorite pictures from this year edition of Street Delivery in Bucharest.

City Life (@ Street Delivery 2012)

Please don’t tell me that Bucharest is an ugly city cause now I’m prepared with arguments to show you that’s is alive and beautiful 😉  

In the Street (@ Street Delivery 2012)

Beautiful day in Bucharest with interesting people and colored details, exactly what i wish to have on this blog. Enjoy!