Hotels in Bucharest

Lights Pattern

A simple and creative lightning idea from a large conference room in Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest, lot of galls and led yellow lights.

Bucharest View from Intercontinental Hotel (IV)

Universitatii Square (Piata Universitatii) as seen from Intercontinental Hotel, toghether with all the major buildings around it – Coltea Hospital (Spitalul Coltea), Coltei Church (Biserica Coltei), Sutu Palace – Bucharest City Museum (Palatul Sutu – Muzeul Orasului Bucuresti), BCR Erste Building (Cladirea BCR Erste), Bucharest University (Universitatea Bucuresti) and many others. 

Bucharest View from Intercontinental Hotel (III)

Magheru Boulevard (Bulevardul Magheru) as seen from Intercontinental Hotel. I must admit that seeing Bucharest from top is simply gorgeous, although at street level the view is not always great.

Bucharest View from Intercontinental Hotel (II)

Another top view from Intercontinental Hotel towards “Ion Dacian” Operetta National Theater (Teatrul National de Opereta “Ion Dacian”) building. Although the entire building is going through reparations – together with Bucharest National Theater (Teatrul National Bucuresti) – the shows are still scheduled until the end of spring.

Bucharest View from Intercontinental Hotel (I)

Great Bucharest views from Intercontinental Hotel in an early morning from last week. I’ve took the pictures towards the Eastern and North-Eastern parts of Bucharest, with view to Batistei Street (Strada Batistei), Mosilor Avenue (Calea Mosilor) and many small streets.

Elegant Christmas

A sparkling red bow from an elegant green Xmas tree in Bucharest city center – in front of the Novotel Hotel from Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victoriei).