Living in Bucharest

A Little Bit of Self Promo (@ Street Delivery 2012)

Some of the pictures I’ve took at Street Delivery were used for an ad hoc exposition so you have the chance to see the printed versions as well as the originals.

City Life (@ Street Delivery 2012)

Please don’t tell me that Bucharest is an ugly city cause now I’m prepared with arguments to show you that’s is alive and beautiful ­čśë  

In the Street (@ Street Delivery 2012)

Beautiful day in Bucharest with interesting people and colored details, exactly what i wish to have on this blog. Enjoy!

The Street is Alive (@ Street Delivery 2012)

If there is a rule about Street Delivery it should be about people, as they make the Arthur Verona street alive for three days and nights. Like in fairy tales, someone my say, when the party at the end has the same length, three great days and nights.

First Day (@ Street Delivery 2012)

Street Delivery┬áis the biggest urban festival in Bucharest, will many interactive activities organized during the middle of June. This year it took place between 16 and 17 June, on Arthur Verona street and around, and it brought together artist and people willing to feel the magic of the city. I hope you will like the […]

Biking on the Water (Living in Bucharest #2)

Biking on the water? Yes, it’s possible. The pictures are from Drumul Taberei Park (Parcul Drumul Taberei) also know as Moghioros Park (Parcul Moghioros). Clear water ­čÖé

The People and Their Stories (Living in Bucharest #1)

Gorgeous people from a Saturday afternoon in the park from the Bucharest Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica Bucuresti). I’ve started a new series on the blog called “Living in Bucharest” hoping to show you some of the beautiful people around here, some of their joy and serendipity, and, of course, new colors from the city.