Circus’ Park (Parcul Circului)

The Lake

And the last pictures from the Circus Lake (Lacul Circului) and its huge wonderful water lilies.

The Circus’ Dome

And because last weekend I went for a long walk in the Circus Park (Parcul Circului), this is the dome of the circus building. Round building, different views.

Monday Flowers # 5

This time pink water lilies from Circus Park (Parcul Circului). Not French as Monet’s Nymphéas but for sure beautiful and delicate.

Bucharest New Clocks

Last year, Bucharest city hall decided to buy 10 very expensive and very kitsch black and gold clocks and put them in different parks of the city. This time I was lucky and run into a minimalist one, looking quite good. It is located at the entry to the Parcul Circului (the Circus Park) and […]