Herastrau Park (Parcul Herastrau)

Traditional Windows (@ Bucharest Village Museum #3)

Different types of wood windows from Bucharest Village Museum (Muzeul Satului Bucuresti). In the last picture is a door, integrating so well with the first ones.

Little Houses (@ Bucharest Village Museum #2)

Fairy tale houses at Bucharest Village Museum (Muzeul Satului Bucuresti), a must see if you come to visit Bucharest. In  Herastrau Park (Parcul Herastrau), this area keeps alive memories from years ago, with painted walls and many flowers.

Children Playground (#2)

It’s great to play no matter your age, no matter the place. This is just an orange gray wood boat invaded by plastic frogs….somebody could write a story…somebody could simply play…

Wild Jump

Squirrels in Herastrau Park (Parcul Herastrau), easy to find them in the mornings, but quite hidden in the afternoons.

Tete a Tete Biblioteca (Going out in Bucharest #17)

Tete a Tete Library (Tete a Tete Library) from Herastrau Park (Parcul Herastrau) – A good place for a lazy afternoon, with trees and fresh air all over the place. I like their painted wall close to the entry and the old bike, almost lost there but so well fitting the frame. 

A few typical views for Bucharest, from Herastrau Park (Parcul Herastrau) looking North and North-West to Free Press House (Casa Presei Libere) and City Gate towers. The last picture is from 2007, when City Gate was still in the initial phase of the project.

Playing Golf in Bucharest

Clubul Diplomatic is probably the only place to play golf in Bucharest. The grass in good, the light is great, you just have to book a day and to enjoy the Herastrau Lake (Lacul Herastrau) in front of you.

Pink flowers (Monday Flowers # 30)

A small collection of pink flowers from all over Bucharest during spring. Enjoy!

Clubul Diplomatic Bucuresti

If you want to play golf in Bucharest, this is your destination: Diplimatic Club (Clubul Diplomatic), near Herastrau Park (Parcul Herastrau), always ready and always waiting for new guests.

Red Tulips (Monday Flowers # 28)

A small collection of red tulips from Bucharest, collected this spring from Cismigiu Garden (Gradina Cismigiu) and Herastrau Park (Parcul Herastrau).