Book launch

Logistics from a new launch at Humanitas Kretulescu bookstore last week.

Anthony Frost Bookstore (Shopping Day # 17)

Flowers in front of the best English bookstore in Bucharest – Anthony Frost, always a great atmosphere among good books. It can be found here: 45 Calea Victoriei, Sector 1, Bucharest 010062, Romania, opened daily – Monday–Friday: 10.00–20.00 Saturday: 10.00–19.00, Sunday: 10.00–14.00. Website here.  

New Christmas Decorations in the City (Shopping Day # 5)

Counting the days before Christmas.

Christmas Decorations in the City (Shopping Day # 4)

I’m trying to find new Christmas decorations in Bucharest, as we don’t have a dedicated Xmas market or fair or something else, so I have to spot on my own for colored places. This picture was taken from the window of an old bookshop in Magheru Boulevard (Bulevardul Magheru). I hope you like it 😉

@ Carturesti (Shopping Day # 1)

It you want books and accessories, tea or DVDs, you must go to Carturesti, on Magheru Boulevard. It is probably the best bookstore in Bucharest.