Lipscani Street (Strada Lipscani)

Do You Feel Lucky?

Some old sayings guarantee a bad day if it’s 13. Other says that Tuesday is a bad luck day. So what shall we do when we have them together, 13 and Tuesday? Maybe a totem will help for a great day regardless her name or number.┬áIt’s time to pick your favorite. These colored lucky horseshoes […]

Blowing in the Wind

Last weekend was full of open air small fairs in Bucharest: one in Gradina Icoanei Park, one close to the University Square and one on the Lipscani Street. That’s a proof that the old city becomes more animated apart from the huge number of new bars, clubs & restaurants. I love these scarfs under the […]

The Happy Birds

Look it happens if you go to the old part of Bucharest on a Sunday afternoon: some huge colored birds are walking and sometimes dancing on Lipscani Street (Strada Lipscani). Funny idea, interesting feathers selection and a big smile on everybody’s faces.