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White View to the Telephone Palace (Palatul Telefoanelor)

 Another typical building from Bucharest, in front of the Telephone Palace (Palatul Telefoanelor), on the Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victorie), minimalist and simetric view. . More details on wikipedia.

Blowing in the Wind

Last weekend was full of open air small fairs in Bucharest: one in Gradina Icoanei Park, one close to the University Square and one on the Lipscani Street. That’s a proof that the old city becomes more animated apart from the huge number of new bars, clubs & restaurants. I love these scarfs under the […]

Retro Couple

I found these two motorcycles somewhere close to Paris Street looking perfect in front of the old wood garage doors.

Summer Drawings

Do you like children drawings? I found this one in the Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica) some time ago and I love it, so much joy and colors remembering of a long and well deserved summer holiday.

Bucharest New Clocks

Last year, Bucharest city hall decided to buy 10 very expensive and very kitsch black and gold clocks and put them in different parks of the city. This time I was lucky and run into a minimalist one, looking quite good. It is located at the entry to the Parcul Circului (the Circus Park) and […]

Anonimus Celebrations

Apparently for no particular reasons, Bucharest is full of colored national flags these days. Quite beautiful if you are in the center of the city.

Summer Lavender (Monday Flowers # 1)

Who would have thought that in Bucharest there is lavender. Almost impossible to find on a regular day, but beautiful if you insist searching it, this blue one comes from the Botanical Garden. And with a little luck, a colored butterfly might enrich your joy.