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Autumn View (Yellow Trees # 7)

Another sunny autumn view from Bucharest Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica Bucuresti).

Yellow Trees

┬áDefinetely, the autumn is here, in Bucharest ­čÖé

Autumn Colors

The green started to lose its powers everywhere in Bucharest and in the Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica) as well, while the two turtles enjoy the last rays of sun.

Orange Flower (Monday Flowers # 15)

Strange and interesting orange flower from the newly renovated greenhouses of the Bucharest Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica).

Maybe Saffron (Monday Flowers # 12)

Beautiful yellow crocus, autumn edition at the Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica) from Bucharest.

Blooming Rose (Monday Flowers # 8)

 Beautiful and delicate rose in Bucharest Botanical Garden, from the roses collection. In the middle of the garden, there are about 130 different types of roses.