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Neighbourhood View

The fountain from Drumul Taberei Park (Parcul Moghioros) at different moments from this spring. The park becomes so vivid and animated when the weather is good. The place is also known as Moghioros Park (Parcul Moghioros).

Biking on the Water (Living in Bucharest #2)

Biking on the water? Yes, it’s possible. The pictures are from Drumul Taberei Park (Parcul Drumul Taberei) also know as Moghioros Park (Parcul Moghioros). Clear water 🙂

Easter Decorations (#1)

Apparently it’s hard to be a rabbit in April as you must inspire all kind of people. Some colored decorations with Easter bunnies, flying painted eggs and other “goodies” from the new collection of Bucharest spring decorations.

Postcard View

Wide postcard view from Izvor Park (Parcul Izvor) from Bucharest, looking to south.

Weekend Job

The new boat from Herastrau Lake (Lacul Herastrau) called “Bucur” and ready to enjoy the tourists or anyone wanting see the lake this year.

Winter time in Bucharest.

First Snow This Winter

Finally, it is snowing in Bucharest, after we have been waiting it for so long. Let’s see how much white can cover the city. This watch is from the entry to Herastrau Park from the Arch de Triumph Square (Piata Arcul de Triumf) and it was under snow flakes at the beginning of last year.

Santa Claus House

A temporary house of Santa Claus can be found in Cismigiu Garden (Gradina Cismigiu) during this December. Unfortunately, when i went there, Santa was not at home 😦