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Fairytale Summer in Bucharest

One man with colored balloons in Cismigiu Garden (Gradina Cismigiu). Advertisements

Village Museum

Blue view from Herastrau Park (Parcul Herastrau) to Bucharest Village Museum (Muzeul Satului Bucuresti) at the end of 2007 winter.

Office Building

A new office building in Timpuri Noi area, with view to Dambovita river.

Counting the days till Christmas

This is the big Christmas tree from the entry to Cismigiu Garden (Gradina Cismigiu), all red and green, with some white angels. In the second picture you can see one of the new  Bucharest clocks. I”ve promised to show you all of them, so more to come soon.

Red and White Christmas

Red and white Christmas not because of snow, but due to a nice bubbles combination for the big Christmas tree in the middle of Universitatii Square (Piata Universitatii). Some rumors say that it is a copy of a Parisian tree.

Lights Iglu

Of course, Christmas is close, even in Cismigiu Garden (Gradina Cismigiu) where this December brought special  decorations.

New Christmas Decorations in the City (Shopping Day # 5)

Counting the days before Christmas.