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Christmas Memories – At Sf Sava National College (Colegiul National Sf Sava) (I)

Last weekend  I went to Sf Sava National College (Colegiul National Sf Sava) for a special high school reunion and I found this winter treasure forgotten on the window. Probably the kids made it two months ago.

Silver Tree

A small tree for Christmas, covered with silver and glow, with an interesting design. I found it in a shop window close to University Square (Piata Universitatii). 

Counting the days till Christmas

This is the big Christmas tree from the entry to Cismigiu Garden (Gradina Cismigiu), all red and green, with some white angels. In the second picture you can see one of the new  Bucharest clocks. I”ve promised to show you all of them, so more to come soon.

Elegant Christmas

A sparkling red bow from an elegant green Xmas tree in Bucharest city center – in front of the Novotel Hotel from Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victoriei).