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Sala Palatului Flats

Not everybody has the money or the change to live in the city center. Sala Palatului area in considered to be one of the best for central apartments.

Sunny Day

Today we had sun again, a great winter day in Bucahrest and a good occasion for long walks and new pictures. I’ve spot this house entry on Mihail Moxa street, close to Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victoriei).

Christmas Lights

Blue and red big light bubbles from 2009 winter in Bucharest center, on Magheru Boulevard (Bulevardul Magheru).

The Perfect Tea Pot (Shopping Day # 7)

If looking for a tea or a tea pot, a great place to start is Demmers’ Teehaus, full of flavors and new tastes.

Kretulescu Church

The red Kretulescu Church from Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victoriei). More info here.

Mint Lemonade (Going out in Bucharest #3)

Such a nice and simple idea: a huge mint lemonade from a jar. I found it at a new place, called the Mechanical Workroom (Atelierul Mecanic),┬árecently open in the old city center, on Covaci Street no. 12. More pictures – here