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Chandeliers at National Opera

A few pictures from the end of the last show at Bucharest National Opera (Opera Nationala Bucuresti) with stylish chandeliers.

Last Night of Folk You

A little bit unclear, too dark and out of focus pictures from a beautiful open air concert on French Street (Strada Franceza) from the old city. For the last weekend (17 & 18 September 2011), Gala Folk You brought together good Romanian music. The pictures are from Sunday night, when Alina Manole Band, Mircea Vintila, […]

Gate to the Enescu Festival Market (Monday Flowers # 9)

A crazy mixture of yellow, white, some pink, red and orange in the George Enescu Festival Market. And in the back of the picture a corner of the “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest (Biblioteca Centrala Universitara “Carol I” Bucuresti), usually known as BCU.

Open air Opera Concert

Not the first time, but the fifth for the Bucharest Opera, we had an interesting open air concert with a various (and little strange) selection of opera and operetta works. And it ended with fireworks last night.

Skunk Anansie @ Bestfest Bucharest

1st of July 2011 – one of the best nights from Bestfest concerts in Bucharest. This time with Skunk Anansie for more than an hour of pure and excellent music, happy people and great memories.