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Romanian Tourism Fair (IV)

Some funny guys at the Romanian Tourism Fair in Bucharest, 2013 edition.

Gaudeamus Book Fair 2011 Edition (Shopping Day # 2)

Really crowded Saturday morning at Romexpo Bucharest cause everybody wanted to buy at least book from¬†Gaudeamus Book Fair (Targul de Carte Gaudeamus). It is already a tradition to have the fair in November each year and to visit it for early Christmas gifts or for new books to fulfill a collection or just be added […]

Do You Feel Lucky?

Some old sayings guarantee a bad day if it’s 13. Other says that Tuesday is a bad luck day. So what shall we do when we have them together, 13 and Tuesday? Maybe a totem will help for a great day regardless her name or number.¬†It’s time to pick your favorite. These colored lucky horseshoes […]