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Monday Flowers # 5

This time pink water lilies from Circus Park (Parcul Circului). Not French as Monet’s Nymphéas but for sure beautiful and delicate.

Zambaccian Museum

It is another small museum from Bucharest, revealing small & delicated pieces of art, mostly paintings.  A little bit hidden from the touristic routes, it might be an interesting place for the weekend. More info here

Quiet Moments at Theodor Pallady Museum (Melik House)

Theodor Pallady Museum (Melik House) was reopened in 2011 after important renovation workings. Located in a small and charming traditional house, it offers an introduction into old decoration objects and important paintings of Theodor Pallady. More info: here and on The National Museum of Art of Romania webpage.

Roses (Monday Flowers # 3) (@ Mogosoaia #3)

Flowers again because is Monday, plenty of colors in Bucharest. Have a nice week!

Summer Lavender (Monday Flowers # 1)

Who would have thought that in Bucharest there is lavender. Almost impossible to find on a regular day, but beautiful if you insist searching it, this blue one comes from the Botanical Garden. And with a little luck, a colored butterfly might enrich your joy.