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It’s Party Time (Going out in Bucharest #6)

It’s to celebrate, to remember the good things of 2011 and to enjoy the beginning of the new year with great people around us. Happy New Year everybody! La multi ani!

Home Made Ice Cream at Cioccogelateria Venchi (Going out in Bucharest #5)

Although it’s autumn, a few rays of summer can send you after ice cream. I found an almost perfect one at the Cioccogelateria Venchi, on the Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victoriei). I think it’s the only place where you could eat something on Victoriei Avenue as the street is full of shops, galleries and office buildings. […]

The Red Carpet (Going out in Bucharest #4)

A big party or a small one could start on the red carpet. I found this one close to Victoriei Square (Piata Victoriei), at the entry to the Golden Apple Salon (Salon Marul de Aur). Never been there, just passing by.

Mint Lemonade (Going out in Bucharest #3)

Such a nice and simple idea: a huge mint lemonade from a jar. I found it at a new place, called the Mechanical Workroom (Atelierul Mecanic),┬árecently open in the old city center, on Covaci Street no. 12. More pictures – here

Let Me Write You a Long Letter (Going out in Bucharest #2)

Nice idea of drawing at the entry of the Letters Bar, close to Cismigiu Park and Cervantes College.

Banana & Strawberry Mix (Going out in Bucharest #1)

One of the best combinations for summer fresh drinks at Ceainaria 5, a perfect place  in Bucharest for trying fruity smoothies on a weekend lazy afternoon.