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Maybe Saffron (Monday Flowers # 12)

Beautiful yellow crocus, autumn edition at the Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica) from Bucharest.

Remembering Last Days of Summer (@ Mogosoaia #5)

When everything was still green and warm in the park of the Mogosoaia Palace (Palatul Mogosoaia).

Ready for Winter

If you are a bird living in Bucharest, this small red and green house might be your perfect solution for the winter. I founded in Tineretului Park but could not identify the little owner

Cismigiu Garden

Zen moments in Cismigiu Garden (Gradina Cismigiu) with everything calm and green, perfect for a September afternoon.

The Happy Birds

Look it happens if you go to the old part of Bucharest on a Sunday afternoon: some huge colored birds are walking and sometimes dancing on Lipscani Street (Strada Lipscani). Funny idea, interesting feathers selection and a big smile on everybody’s faces.

Red Flowers (Monday Flowers # 7)

A long row of red flowers in the garden from Bragadiru Palace.

Retro Couple

I found these two motorcycles somewhere close to Paris Street looking perfect in front of the old wood garage doors.