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Maybe Saffron (Monday Flowers # 12)

Beautiful yellow crocus, autumn edition at the Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica) from Bucharest.

Remembering Last Days of Summer (@ Mogosoaia #5)

When everything was still green and warm in the park of the Mogosoaia Palace (Palatul Mogosoaia).

Ready for Winter

If you are a bird living in Bucharest, this small red and green house might be your perfect solution for the winter. I founded in Tineretului Park but could not identify the little owner

Cismigiu Garden

Zen moments in Cismigiu Garden (Gradina Cismigiu) with everything calm and green, perfect for a September afternoon.

The Happy Birds

Look it happens if you go to the old part of Bucharest on a Sunday afternoon: some huge colored birds are walking and sometimes dancing on Lipscani Street (Strada Lipscani). Funny idea, interesting feathers selection and a big smile on everybody’s faces.

Red Flowers (Monday Flowers # 7)

A long row of red flowers in the garden from Bragadiru Palace.

Retro Couple

I found these two motorcycles somewhere close to Paris Street looking perfect in front of the old wood garage doors.

So Many Roses (Monday Flowers # 6)

I walk through Dr. Taberei Park almost weekly as it is close to my house. Saturday evening went there before the Opera concert to see if something new is happening. And I have two good news: –┬áCartier de Vara events are still on place, mostly for kids and older people – the red and pink […]

New Kiosks in Herastrau Park

And because is summer and most of spend a lot of time outside the house, Herastrau Park has just received some new decorations. Many green kiosks, similar with the one from the above picture, appeared in the park and are currently offering nothing or some ice cream. Let’s wait for their look after the first […]

The Lake

And the last pictures from the Circus Lake (Lacul Circului) and its huge wonderful water lilies.