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Retro Windows (@ Mogosoaia # 14)

A contrasting green wood windows frame on a red brick wall in Mogosoaia locality. This little house is from the new complex build as children playground at the entry from the park of Mogosoia Palace (Palatul Mogosoaia).

Blue and Gold Pattern (@ Mogosoaia # 13)

Another painting from the temporary exposition at Mogosoaia Palace (Palatul Mogosoaia), this time an almost hand made pattern with blue and gold colors.

Gold Painting (@ Mogosoaia # 12)

An interesting gold painting found at Mogosoaia Palace (Palatul Mogosoaia) as part of a temporary exposition organized there.

Main Entry to Mogosoaia Palace (@ Mogosoaia # 11)

A picture with the long alley from the main entry to Mogosoaia Palace (Palatul Mogosoaia), surrounded by snow patches, although the spring is officially here.

Kids Fairy Land (@ Mogosoaia # 10)

A building from last Christmas, under the name of Disney Castle, like a fairy tale land.

Remembering Last Days of Summer (@ Mogosoaia #5)

When everything was still green and warm in the park of the Mogosoaia Palace (Palatul Mogosoaia).

The Red Lady (@ Mogosoaia #4)

Last time when I went to Mogosoaia Palace I looked for this beautiful lady but she was nowhere to find. I just wanted to share this delicate picture from 2010 just to remember her. 😉

Roses (Monday Flowers # 3) (@ Mogosoaia #3)

Flowers again because is Monday, plenty of colors in Bucharest. Have a nice week!

@ Palatul Brancovenesc from Mogosoaia (@ Mogosoaia #1)

The Mogosoia Palace is located just a few kilometers away from Bucharest and is a perfect weekend destinations for pictures, launch or simply laying on the grass.