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Open Gate

This open gate looks like an open invitation to discover more. I found it at the entry to the garden in front of the Romanian Athenaeum and I like the mix of black and white.

Autumn Harvest

First signs of autumn harvest: a bunch of onion and garlic ropes, ready to be sold in a weekend market close to University Square (Piata Universitatii).

Gate to the Enescu Festival Market (Monday Flowers # 9)

A crazy mixture of yellow, white, some pink, red and orange in the George Enescu Festival Market. And in the back of the picture a corner of the “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest (Biblioteca Centrala Universitara “Carol I” Bucuresti), usually known as BCU.

Open Air Festival Market of George Enescu Festival

2011 edition of George Enescu Festival has 7 locations for concerts, one of them being the open air festival market in Revolutiei Square (Piata Revolutiei). Althought during the day the place is not so crowded, the animation starts with the beginning of each evening and it’s a fresh way of listening to classical music.

White View to the Telephone Palace (Palatul Telefoanelor)

 Another typical building from Bucharest, in front of the Telephone Palace (Palatul Telefoanelor), on the Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victorie), minimalist and simetric view. . More details on wikipedia.

Theme Day: Perspective

This is the first theme day for Colors in Bucharest blog since joining the City Daily Photo Community. The first day of September brings a small part of the beautiful building of the Romanian Athenaeum. Enjoy this perspective.  Find more pictures with the same theme day here.

New Dacia Model (Cars in Bucharest #1)

For the last years, the ”traditional” Romanian car, Dacia offered so many possibilities for upgrades. What about a “lady car” waiting for her lady driver….Just smile cause it’s summer…