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Black and Pink (Shopping Day # 16)

If you liked the dress from yesterday post, here’s another one. This time the material looks more appropriate for a dress. The combination of colors is also interesting, all black with a little bit of pink instead of more traditional black and white or black and red dresses.

Recycled Dress (Shopping Day # 15)

A creative idea of how to make a dress from recycled newspapers. I don’t know if it is actually wearable or in line with the fashion trends for this season, but for sure is an interesting window display.

the 300th Post (Shopping Day # 13)

This is the 300th post on this blog, showing colored pictures from Bucharest. I hope you enjoyed so far cause there are many more to come. The photo represents the daily schedule from Art & Hobby Center in Bucharest, a shop full of colors.  

Sex Shop (Shopping Day # 8)

A little bit of local humor, a sex shop with a positive message – “Don’t worry, be happy”. It can be found at the intersection of Academiei Street (Strada Academiei) with Lady’s Street (Strada Doamnei), quite in the center of the Bucharest.

All Kinds of Gifts

Special gift boxes with Christmas lights around them. They were decorating Orange Concept Store РMuzica Store (Magazinul Muzica) during 2009 winter holidays.

Doggie Style Shop

It’s Friday so a crazy posh pink pet shop is allowed and must be visited. The only one that a know is located in a very exclusive area of the city, on the Dorobanti Street and probably is the favorite place of important dogs :)))