Tineretului Park (Parcul Tineretului)

Pink flowers (Monday Flowers # 30)

A small collection of pink flowers from all over Bucharest during spring. Enjoy!


A little seagull lost in Bucharest Tineretului Park (Parcul Tineretului) in a foggy gray day.

Family View

Two alone dogs in Tineretului Park (Parcul Tineretului) on a day from October 2009.

Bike Line

Not only the trees are yellow in Bucharest these days, but also the signs for the bike lines from Tineretului Park (Parcul Tineretului).

Ready for Winter

If you are a bird living in Bucharest, this small red and green house might be your perfect solution for the winter. I founded in Tineretului Park but could not identify the little owner